Cold callers

Please be aware of the following reports and look out for your elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

About twelve months ago an elderly lady filled in forms for a company who stated they could claim monies back from the banks if loan insurance was taken out. She decided not to follow this up but she has since been contacted by a male claiming Continue Reading →

National census

The national census is due to take place on 27th March 2011, run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England and Wales.

The census is a count of the population which is completed in the UK every ten years to find out more about who we are as a nation. The data is used to help government and local authorities decide how best to plan, fund and deliver the everyday services we all need – like housing, education, healthcare and transport.

The census have been posted out to households in early March and can be completed online or sent back via a pre-paid envelope.

Please note that residents who return their completed questionnaires promptly (before 6 April) will not be contacted by the census field staff. All census staff will carry an ID card with a photo, logo and hologram. Staff will not ask for details such as credit card details, bank accounts or password etc. Please be vigilant and bear in mind that only registered staff will ! carry out this work. If you are not sure ring the number that will be on their ID card. If you are still concerned get them checked out before letting anyone into your home!

To find out more about census 2011, please go on line at: for general information and : for circumstances in which census field staff may make contact with residents. Remember that field staff may call after 6 April.

This message, together with relevant links, can be read as an article on the NHW website at:

distraction burglaries in the High Peak

At around 3.15pm on Friday, March 4, a man sneaked into a house in Glossop Road, Gamesley, while the homeowners were inside.

He began talking to the 60-year-old woman about garden work he wanted to do at the property and they went to look at the front garden together. She then became aware of a second man in the kitchen. They spoke for a few Continue Reading →

Metal thefts in High Peak

Police are urging residents to report any suspicious vehicles following several metal thefts in the HighPeak

Some time between 8am on Tuesday, March 3 and 7.30am on Tuesday, March 8, a large amount of cabling was stolen from the back garden of a house in Portland Grove, Chinley.

 A working washing machine, placed in the back garden of a house in Newstead Terrace, Continue Reading →

domestic violence online discussion

An online discussion is being held to give people affected by domestic violence the chance to talk to the police.

The virtual surgery is aimed at victims of domestic violence or people concerned that friends and family could be involved in abuse.

By logging onto the surgery section of the police website, people can speak anonymously to officers from 7pm onwards on Wednesday, March 9.

It is the first time the force has ever held an online session specifically around domestic violence. Surgeries have previously been held for people wanting to speak to their Safer Neighbourhood policing team or comment on policing issues.

Detective Inspector Mark Knibbs, from the force Domestic Abuse Unit, said: “People can talk to us in confidence for advice and support around any domestic abuse issues.

 “Sometimes people can find it difficult to talk face-to-face about their concerns so we hope this virtual surgery will give them another way of getting in touch.”

Suspicious e-mails

A member of community messaging has received an e-mail which appeared to be sent from a bank, but when the e-mail was opened it also shows the e-mail address of a named person. The member does not do online banking and has informed the bank.

The e-mail states:

“We have recently noticed that someone has made “3” suspicious attempts to log into your online account from this (IP) address. Therefore, our security commitment forces us to block your account temporarily until you verify your identity on our systems.”

This particular bank has confirmed that they do not send e-mails asking for confirmation of bank details.

If you receive any similar e-mails please inform your bank.