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The Whaley4Wards ShopFront Grant Scheme

The Shopfront Grant Scheme is an easy to access small grant scheme. It will pay for half the costs of any works carried out on shopfronts. The application form is simple to fill in. Repainting, minor repairs, signage and pavement works are all covered by the scheme. In fact anything that improves the presentation of the front of the premises can be considered for a grant. Upper windows, planning application costs etc can be included.

Applications can be made at any time. Note that we cannot fund any work which starts before your application has been approved.

The process is simple. You apply, indicating what your project is. If accepted, we agree the extent of the works with you and the colour of any paint. We liase with HPBC’s conservation officer during this process. Once agreed, you carry the work out and submit the receipts and invoices. We check the works have been carried out as agreed, and then you get paid the grant by cheque.

The aim of the project is to try and accelerate the regeneration and improved appearance of Whaley Bridge by providing funds to spur on shopowners and tenants to do works which might not otherwise get done. In doing so, we try to protect and enhance historical architectural detail where possible, and by coming to agreement on paint colours, we try to ensure that the shopfronts complement each other and the town as a whole. The idea is to end up with an attractive town centre which draws customers in and benefits traders and residents alike.

Previous beneficiaries have been:

Babka’s – Old Road – £900
Venus Accounting – Old Road – £550
Fruitful Plus – Old Road – £900
Cheshire Life – Horwich End – £495
Chronicle Accountants – Market Street – £600
Joyco (86 Buxton Rd) – Horwich End – Fell through – £900
Baileys – awning -Market St – £280
Mays Parlour – Horwich End – Fell through – £300

Guidance notes are available to help you understand the aims of the scheme, to guide you through the simple application process and show you how to make a grant application.
If you would like to know more about the scheme or have any queries regarding your application, please contact the Town Clerk by email at

Read some further important details about the Scheme HERE.

Download the Guidance Notes HERE.

Download the Application Form HERE.

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