Cold callers

Please be aware of the following reports and look out for your elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

About twelve months ago an elderly lady filled in forms for a company who stated they could claim monies back from the banks if loan insurance was taken out. She decided not to follow this up but she has since been contacted by a male claiming to have over £3000 for her, stating that all she needs to do is to go to a particular travel agents in Buxton and send £150 via a Western Union money transfer to Deli and a courier will send her the monies in 2 hours. This caller knew all about the company and the location of the travel agent.

Fortunately, the lady didn’t fall victim to this type of scam.


Police are again urging caution after reports of companies using high pressure tactics to sell mobility products to older and more vulnerable residents.

We would ad! vise people to avoid buying from cold callers, to make sure you get more than one quote from different reputable companies in the area and to decide on the purchase without feeling pressured.

Residents should be aware of these types of sales tactics and aware of their rights.

For advice and information on consumer issues contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or alternatively visit the website: