Polish children visiting twin town Whaley Bridge

A group of 22 Polish children and five adults is visiting Whaley Bridge this week. The children are from a primary school in Tymbark, which is twinned with Whaley Bridge.

The Polish party is staying at Whaley Hall, where a welcome evening was held. A walk up Kinder Scout with some of Taxal & Fernilee primary school children, along with a visit to Poole’s Cavern with another class from the school, were among highlights of their programme.

On Friday (26 June) the visitors will be at Taxal & Fernilee school all day, sharing lessons with local pupils. The Polish children will be performing regional dancing, for which they have won several competitions at home.

The party, whose visit has been organised by Taxal & Fernilee teacher Denise Gregory, travels home early on Saturday. They will miss Rose Queen carnival day by hours.

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