Saturday night: Trim lanterns, fire the rockets!

A big reminder to Whaley Bridge:  Saturday night is lantern and fireworks night, one of the biggest public events of the year.  The fun begins at 4pm at the Bowling Club (entrance near Whaley Bridge primary school.)

Smile - it's the starriest night of the year in Whaley Bridge

Smile – it’s the starriest night of the year in Whaley Bridge

Whatever the weather, the stars will be out – possibly dozens of them, judging by the popularity of designs chosen by children for their lantern making.  Rockets are popular, too, for this space age-themed evening.

Heading for the stars - that's where the rockets go

Heading for the stars – that’s where the rockets go

Timetable for the big night on Saturday 2 November:

4pm onwards: doors open at Bowling Club showground.  Food stalls and funfair.  Bars open. Music programme from 6pm

6pm: children with lanterns assemble at Taxal & Fernilee school and process down Macclesfield   Road, along Goyt Road, into Memorial Park.  Exit at Wheatsheaf Road.  High Peak Samba will be performing near the bridge. The children parade along Buxton Road to the Bowling Club.

7.30 pm: rockets away!  The big fireworks display starts.  Fireworks will be ignited from a safe position in the primary school grounds, but highly visible to the crowd.

8pm onwards:  Planet of Sound at the Bowling Club.. Bars open.

Tickets £3.50


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