Memorial Park Update from High Peak Borough Council

Children get a preview of the new play area


Paul the Park Ranger, recently led groups of children from Taxal & Fernilee and Whaley Bridge primary schools on a tour of the new play area in Whaley Bridge Memorial Park.


During the visits to the construction site, the children had the opportunity to preview the new play equipment, the beach area and also see the abutments for the new bridge.

The children spent time with the Park Ranger and Joe, the Site Manager from Horticon to discuss Health & Safety and to raise awareness of the dangers on construction sites.


Park Improvements get a big seal of approval

The Memorial Park improvements got a big seal of approval from representatives of the Heritage Lottery.


Their visit included a site-visit to see the construction work in the play area. They also had the opportunity to meet the ‘Monday Club’, who work in the park as volunteers every Monday alongside Paul, the park ranger.

What’s happening in the next few weeks…..

Next few weeks - October

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  1. UnrealCity Post author

    The major works on Memorial Park have produced controversy this year, with criticism by local councillors of the closure of the original children’s area just as the summer holidays began. This was followed by much local dismay at High Peak Borough Council’s action to fix a work schedule which resulted in the closure to the public of The Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday, 10 November. Despite protests by the Town Council, and the Royal British Legion this decision rests. Accordingly other arrangements have had to be made.

    The above report was provided by High Peak Borough Council, who manage the park.

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