Whaley Bridge blows its own trumpet for 2013

The cover of Whaley Bridge Guide 2013 – ‘Heritage Town’

The 2013 edition of the Whaley Bridge town guide. packed full of local information, pictures and maps, has been published. Copies are being distributed to local residents.

The front over is a striking local image: a water colour by Rosemary Wignall of the Rose Queen procession, coming round the corner from Old Road onto Market Street.  The ‘royalty’ and some spectators are using umbrellas, a normal accompaniment to the carnival (although not in sunny 2013).

Rosemary Wignall painted watercolour of the Carnival and designed welldessing

Rosemary is president of the Whaley Bridge Art Group, as well as a member of the Welldressing Group.  Her images for the main dressing were used for the 2012 Olympic year and 2013, when the theme was wildlife.

A team of volunteers was responsible for putting together this ‘snapshot’ of the community. Cllr Martin Thomas, chair of Whaley Bridge Town Council, said: “The Town Guide is an invaluable source of information about Whaley organisations, events, people, facilities, schools, businesses and places to eat and drink. It is always much in demand by residents and the many visitors to the town. The 2013 edition features an updated map. I wish to thank the team which put the guide together, including Rosemary for her striking image on the cover, the advertisers that have supported it, and the publishers ‘Local Authority Publishing’”.

The theme of Guide 2013 is Heritage Town. In its welcome, the guide makes a point about the stalled plans for the canal basin area:  ” The empty transhipment warehouse stands as a constant reminder of the potential of this listed building.  The chaos of heavy traffic in Canal Street is another reminder of the unfulfilled dream of getting a second bridge into the industrial estate and allowing the heart of Whaley Bridge to bring more of its heritage to life.”

To see an online version of this guide, go to www.officialguides.co.uk

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