Whaley Bridge Well Dressing Weeks – 18th June to 3rd July 2016

Childrens’ Mini Boards  –  Saturday l8th and Sunday 19th June.  10 – 4 o’clock

Children (accompanied by an adult) come along to the marquee  at the Canal Basin and make your own well dressing to take home.               Board and materials provided.

Cost: £2.50 each board

Well Dressing in the making 20th to 25th June

Boards to be clayed on Sunday 19th, by Bill the potter, and work starts filling in the boards

from Monday 20th until Saturday 25th.

The  Blessing of the Well Dressing will take place on Sunday 26th June  at 2.30 pm at the Canal Basin.

All are welcome to attend, the Whaley Bridge Band will be playing, local school children will be singing and the Rose Queen and her attendants will also be there.

The completed Well  Dressing will be erected on Sunday 26th June and will be displayed until Sunday 3rd July.  It will be dismantled on Monday 4th July.

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