Lucy’s Kenya adventure – charity challenge in the sun

Lucy Wilson: charity project after her A Levels

Lucy Wilson: charity project after her A Levels

Whaley Bridge student Lucy Wilson is working hard for her A levels, but also working hard to raise the money necessary for the trip of her lifetime: travelling to Kenya to do voluntary work, but also to have a good time with friends from her school, Poynton High, who will also be making the trip.

Lucy, 16, will have finished her A Levels  (chemistry, biology and English literature) by early summer 2015.  More than 25 students from Poynton High will have done the same time.  What excitement there is going to be as they shed the cares of exams and anticipate a month in Kenya.

They travel out as part of the Camps International programme, which takes youngsters  to Kenya and other countries, where they will spend a month  doing such voluntary work as

  • working in villages
  • helping in schools
  • repairing homes
  • building water towers

They will all stay in permanent canvas camps, enjoying the sunshine and the  atmosphere of Kenya.

Lucy, already the holder of a Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, has raised more than £1,000 of the cost of getting to Kenya and  enjoying the month there.  Students have to raise £3,200 by spring of next year to cover their costs.  Lucy’s target is to raise another £2,700 by next spring.

Her most recent fund-raiser was a charity dinner in top local restaurant Zayka, which boosted her funds by £310.  She earlier raised money through a stall at Taxal and Fernilee school fair and her regular earnings as a baby sitter.

Events coming up this summer  include a sponsored walk up Kinder (elder sister Jenny has already done that with Kinder Choir years ago.)  There will be a Sunday car boot sale at Chelford, and afternoon tea in the family garden or maybe a neighbour’s larger garden.

Lucy is also seeking sponsors,  who can have their logo on the official tee shirt.  Prestige Wheels of Furness Vale are the first top sign up.  They will receive regular emailed pictures from Kenya, showing different activities.

For more information about Lucy’s events, visit or her website   You can also phone 07923 283 219.


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