Swish evening: your waiter is ready with the bubbly!

Bubbly for madame? Selina Mills with the ‘waiters’, husband Adrian, David Shelmerdine and kilted Marc Powell

Fund-raising is fun at Taxal and Fernilee primary school, Whaley Bridge.  The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) is organising a Big Swish evening at the school starting at 7pm on Friday 28 September. Dads from the PFA, playing waiters for the evening, will serve guests with a glass of bubbly and home made canapés.   They will be wearing dinner suits – and in one case full Scottish evening wear, with kilt, white stockings and ceremonial dagger.

‘Swish’ is the swopping of pre-loved items of wear, or accessories such as shoes, costume jewellery or cufflinks.  Participants are allowed up to ten items of clean, ironed clothing on hangers or accessories, to ‘swish’ with something new to them.

Tickets are £10, or two for £18. There will be a goody bag for each couple of confectionery and aromatherapy items.

Selina Mills, one of the organisers, put the ‘waiters’ through their paces ahead of the big evening.  Husband Adrian demonstrated his bubbly pouring skills, while David Shelmerdine, the FPA secretary’s husband and Marc Powell, originally from Edinburgh and resplendent in kilt, concentrated on their tray duties. Adrian and David each have two children at the school, while Marc has three.

For further information phone Selina on Tel. 01663 732 227.

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