update re charity requesting dd

Following a recent message concerning a report to the police of a person wearing a St John Ambulance uniform calling at a house in the Buxton area, the officer dealing with the report had checked with the local St John Ambulance who stated that no-one was collecting in this area.

We have received confirmation from St John Ambulance Derbyshire’s County Office that they are currently running a door to door fundraising campaign in the High Peak and in other parts of Derbyshire between now and April 2011. The collectors are employed by an organisation called Wesser who are working on behalf of St John Ambulance and wear St John Ambulance branded clothing. Representatives from the charity will carry an identification badge with a number on it. They should also have a police incident number which can also be checked out with the police on 0345 123 33 33.

Collectors from St John Ambulance will be asking for regular direct debit donations and not cash or cheq! ues. In order to donate through direct debit, you will be asked to provide your bank details. You can confirm the identity of representatives from St John Ambulance by noting down their identification/badge number and calling 0845 222 1199 (local rate) lines open until 9pm, or call St John Ambulance County HQ on 01246 200 272.

Our advice – if you are unsure about any door to door callers, do not let strangers into your home or provide your bank details unless you have made the appropriate checks. Genuine callers will be prepared to wait, or agree to come back later, while you make the checks.

If you are still unsure, but would like to donate to the charity, you can contact the organisation directly.