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We want good ideas for projects……

2015/16 – £1500 budget unassigned – What project(s) would you like us to spend this on? – see criteria here

Whaley4Wards is a community group set up by Whaley Bridge Town Council in 2011 to  propose, define and implement small and achievable projects across the 4 wards of Whaley Bridge – Furness Vale, Taxal, Yeardsley and  Fernilee. More recently, tightened budget restrictions have generally restricted focus to The Whaley Bridge Town Centre, Horwich End and immediate area.

The projects are chosen by consensus, driven by community input, with one of the main goals being that the group gathers momentum  and maintains enthusiasm through success. The key to this is seen to be the careful selection  and focus on projects that are truly achievable in the short term.

The main aim of the projects is to directly benefit the residents and businesses in the area of Whaley Bridge, through projects which improve the Town Centre , and which help to revitalize and attract visitors into the area, whilst maintaining and capitalizing on the historical character of the town.

Whilst short term projects are a clear initial goal,  some longer term projects will naturally emerge  and the group  accommodates these through consensus and through smaller working groups.

Projects are implemented through a mixture of direct member participation, volunteer effort,  and engagement of local professional services.







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  1. Tim Newton

    Great job with litter clearance in the wooded area on Buxton Road, fantastic! Many thanks to all involved.

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