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This page provides links to a number of Whaley Bridge related studies that have been carried out over the years. It also provides links to other useful planning related material which captures important parts of Whaley Bridge information.

1993 – Whaley Bridge The Canal Basin – Abbey Hanson Rowe

1996 – Whaley Bridge Wharf Planning Brief – British Waterways – Drivers Jonas

2003 – Whaley Bridge market town consultancy – preperation of a regeneration strategy and action plan – Roger Tym & Partners

2006 – Brookfield (C.P.A) Pond, Whaley Bridge – Ecological Assessment – Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

2008 – Transhipment warehouse – Phase 2 Final Report Oct 2008 Executive summary – Heritage Works Buildings preservation Trust Ltd

2008 – Transhipment Warehouse – link to Heritage Works website page

2008 – Whaley Bridge Association Community Consultation – Lindsay Allen Associates

2008 -Whaley Bridge Conservation Area Character Appraisal- Draft for public consultation – adopted July 2008

                                                             Front Cover
                                                             Part One
                                                             Part Two
                                                             Part Three
                                                                Part 4
                                                                 Statutory Designation Map 1
                                                                 Character areas key map 2
                                                                  sub area map 3
                                                                  sub area map 4
                                                                  sub area map 5
                                                                  sub area map 6
                                                                  sub area map 7
                                                                  sub area map 8

2008 Whaley Bridge Conservation Area Character Appraisal HPBC  – Final adopted version

2009 – Bingswood Industrial Estate Masterplan and Implementation Strategy

             part1 Executive summary
             part2 Map

2009 Bingswood Masterplan  Full Report

2013 – Rural community profile for Whaley Bridge  – This report was commissioned by WBTC to aid development of the Neighbourhood plan, and provided by Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and the Rural Community Action Network (RCAN) from Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI) in association with Rural Action Derbyshire.  The data is copyright ACRE/RCAN/OCSI 2013.

2014 Whaley Bridge Transhipment Warehouse – Sketch Design Options & Consultation


Bridge 42 – This link provides some  useful documents relating to Whaley Bridges rare Cast Iron Railway Bridge built in 1863