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The inaugral meeting of  Whaley4Wards was held on Wednesday 2nd June 2011, to which representatives from a large number of local community groups and organizations were invited. Meeting shave been held on a monthly basis since then, normally on a Wednesday.

If  you feel you would like to be involved, please contact the Chair of Whaley4Wards, Jon Goldfinch , at cllr.jong.wbtc@googlemail.com

Suggestions for projects are not just limited to those within the group. If you have ideas for projects please send them in to the email address above and they will be discussed.

The current Whaley4Wards Chair is Jon Goldfinch cllr.jong.wbtc@googlemail.com , and Secretary is Zara Clarke.

One of the founding principles of the group was to remove from it entirely the distraction of major, expensive and long term projects such as the Second Bridge Project and the Transhipment Warehouse Project. The critical nature of these projects to Whaley Bridge is in no way forgotten, and a separate group was formed to focus solely on advancing these two projects. This allows Whaley4Wards to work effectively without the distractions of the much larger projects.