Whaley Bridge Town Council

Whaley Bridge Town Council is an elected body made up of 12 Councillors, with 3 Councillors representing each of the 4 wards of Fernilee, Furness Vale, Taxal and Yeardsley.

The Council  meets in the Mechanics Institute at 7.30pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month. An additional Annual Town Meeting is each year.

An agenda, which is published a week before the meeting (along with the minutes of the last meeting), is displayed on the notice board outside the Mechanics. The agenda and meeting minutes will  also be published on the website as soon as possible. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meetings and may speak on any subject during a 15 minute Open Forum Session at the start of the meeting. If they wish, they can then leave. If they stay, they must remain silent for the rest of the meeting. Meetings are split into two sections; the first deals with general day to day business, and the second deals with planning applications.

Our responsibilities include: Consultation on planning matters; Provision of Allotments;  Brookfield Pond; The Mechanics Institute; Running and managing the 3G pitch and Pavillion changing rooms.

The Town Clerk is Andrew Fox

Whaley Bridge Town Council
Mechanics Institute
Market Street
Whaley Bridge
SK23 7AA
Tel: 01663 733 068

For enquries please email the Town Clerk on: townclerk@whaleybridgetowncouncil.gov.uk

Please follow this link for hire of rooms at the MechanicsInstitute . If you wish to book the 3G pitch, use the form on this website.


A portable access ramp is available to provide access to the Mechanics Institute via the front steps to aid access for people using a wheelchair. Please call 01663 733068 if you wish to arrange for this ramp to be available prior to an event taking place within the building.