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Whaley Bridge Canal Group will be commencing a series of surveys that will help us gain an understanding of how many bats and of what type are using the Transhipment Warehouse.  Batman



It is vitally important that we carry out this study.  As well as being of great interest, it will be instrumental in any and all works and alterations to the building; For one we don’t want to disturb the habitat of the creatures who have made it their home but any planning application will be subject to a complete bat survey being undertaken, whether it comes to something as essential as repairing the roof or fitting new windows.


They will be meeting at Pear Tree Cafe at 7pm (get there early as it has to start on time) on Wednesday 25th May.  Georgina has kindly agreed to open up and serve complimentary tea and coffee.  Glyn Stewart, the Canal and River Trust’s ecology expert in this area will give a talk on bats and what to look for, give training on how to use the equipment.  Volunteers will then split into pairs at around 8pm/8.30pm  and position themselves inside the shed and be let loose with the ray gun.


This needs to be done for about ninety minutes.  Please don’t take in too sharp an intake of breath 🙂  think of what will be be achieved by this.  At least ten people are required to make it work, as it’s such a large building and we have to cover all of it,  including the cracks that may not be immediately visible to the naked eye.  They may not enter by where we think is obvious and unless we eliminate the impossible, whatever remains remains, remains possible and we will be asked about it in any planning application.

Please let Nev Clarke know if you can attend on Wednesday as he needs to firm up numbers.  He can be contacted on 07920 253 075 / 01663 735 284 or at

They’re planning one survey a month until the end of October, maybe more if people are willing.  The idea is to throw in a couple of dawn surveys as well, which Nev is assured are a magical experience.


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