Summertime visitors to Whaley Bridge churches

It’s reunion time for old friends of Whaley Bridge parish this month. Next Sunday (19 July) missionary family Jason and Tracy Day will be joining the congregation at Holy Trinity church at the morning service. Tracy, from Whaley Bridge, and Jason from Marple work with the Church Missionary Society in Thailand. They previously worked for three years in Nepal.
Tracy is a former nurse at Stepping Hill Hospital. In the 90s, when she was a trainee, Marion Lacey, now a churchwarden in the parish was her ward sister.
A week later, on Sunday 26 July, the 161st Manchester scout group will visit St James’ church, Taxal for their annual service.. The group, known as Jodrell’s Own, has made its summer camp in Whaley Bridge for over 100 years. Members will march from the campsite below St James’, where two years ago they celebrated their centenary.
The name Jodrell’s Own recognises the help the scouts were given many years ago by Lt Col Ramsden-Jodrell, from the then biggest landowning family in the area.

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