Sounding the Horn: New Tenor Horn for Whaley Bridge Training Band

Ray Wild (right) and Matt Shaw (left), Musical Director of Whaley Bridge Band with the new Tenor Horn

Ray Wild (right) and Matt Shaw (left), Musical Director of Whaley Bridge Band, with the new Tenor Horn

Thanks to the generosity of three local organisations, tenor horn player Ray Wild of Whaley Bridge Training Band has a brand new instrument.

Donations from Whaley Bridge Rose Queen Festival, Whaley Bridge Town Council and the congregation of the Unitarian Chapel, King Edward Street Macclesfield  have funded the purchase of a shiny new tenor horn for Ray, who has been playing with Whaley Bridge Training Band for the last few years as a “mature” learner.  His first public performance with it was at the Band’s annual Christmas concert at Whaley Bridge Bowling Club and he has nothing but praise for it.  “I can’t believe the difference. The tone is wonderful and I’m now in tune with the rest of the band.  It’s a whole new experience, my playing has improved so much already and I’ve only had it a few weeks!”

Good quality brass instruments don’t come cheap, as Sheila Walton, Chairman of Whaley Bridge Band and Musical Director of the Training Band well knows.  “We desperately needed a new instrument for Ray,  the old one was really holding him back. Without these donations we could not afford to buy one, and I cannot give thanks enough to Whaley Bridge Rose Queen Festival, the Town Council and King Edward Street Chapel for their support.”

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