Be sure of a big surprise – teddies dropping by parachute!

If you go down to St James’ on Saturday, 27 September, you can be sure of a big surprise. Teddy bears on parachutes will be dropping from the 40ft tower of the ancient church at Taxal, to the delight of children and famIlies.

Last year 40 children brought along favourite teddies, all of whom survived the drop,before an impromptu ‘teddy bear picnic’ of tea and cakes.

Children bringing a teddy along will be given a square of material and string, and some guidance, to make their parachute. Dave Graham, a local potholder, will climb up the inside of the tower, then lower a basket on a rope to collect the teddies one by one. He will drop them into a waiting blanket below to be reunited with the owner.

One of the organisers Jean Oldbury said: “It’s a fun event, so we hope lots of children come along. We’ve never lost a teddy yet!”

The charge is £2 per child. The event lasts from 2-4pm. Last year part of the proceeds were sent to Manchester’s Royal Children’s Hospital

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