Children bringing World War I history to life

Year Six pupils at Taxal and Fernilee primary school have been researching the history of World War I since Easter.

Now, the results of their work have gone on exhibition in the meeting room at the Mechanics’ Institute, Whaley Bridge.
The 27 pupils in Mrs Sue Lonsdale’s class all helped put the exhibition together. It includes a mass display of paper poppies, poems written by the children, and some information about local soldiers whose names are on the recently refurbished Cenotaph in Memorial  Park. The children researched on the internet and one boy discovered that his great great grandfather had been killed in the war and is buried in Belgium.
A lifelike mini version of a trench, constructed from cardboard and papier mâché,  is made more realistic with plasticine rats and lots of tiny, hessian sandbags.

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