Councillors vote on the draft submission version of Local Plan

At an extraordinary meeting of High Peak Borough Council last night, councillors voted to agree the submission version of the High Peak Local Plan. (Ed: Details of vote awaited)

Besides the controversial list of strategic housing sites, including that off Macclesfield Road, Whaley Bridge, a full set of policies are included which include a definition of sustainable development in the High Peak and cover among other things the proposed mixed development of certain brownfield sites such that as on the land adjoining Bingswood Industrial Estate (see policy DS10 below). This policy protects existing employment on that site. However, access remains a critical practical barrier to development.

Having voted on the amendments to the earlier draft, the full plan will now be published for an additional consultation as to the integrity and soundness of the submission version.

Following this the plan will return to Council in July for a final vote prior to submission to planning inspectors.

Thereafter there will be examination hearings in October 2014 with a view to final adoption in February 2015.

Policy DS 10 : Bingswood, Whaley Bridge

Land amounting to 6.8ha is allocated for business and mixed use development subject to compliance with adopted Local Plan policies.

The majority of the area to the south and east of the River Goyt, comprising the existing industrial estate and undeveloped brownfield area to the north of the estate, should be developed for business use. Residential development of up to 75 dwellings may be permitted on 2.5ha within the site the south part of this area, subject to:

  • Provision of new access to the Bingswood Industrial Estate. This access to be constructed before any further development of the site;
  • Preparation of a comprehensive masterplan and phasing programme, including the protection of existing employment on the site;
  • Provision of the required proportion of affordable housing (currently 30%). Any reduction in this amount will be subject to financial assessment;
  • Contributions towards infrastructure, greenway improvements, services and other community needs as required;
  • Provision of a comprehensive landscaping plan, including the retention of mature trees;
  • Contamination and ground condition survey;
  • Provision of flood mitigation measures in consultation with the Environment Agency;
  • An assessment to consider and address impact on the adjacent wildlife site and ancient woodland;
  • Archaeological desk-based assessment;
  • Buildings appraisal and assessment of non-designated heritage assets.

Appropriate uses for the area to the north and west of the River Goyt (Hogs Yard) include business, hotel, assembly and leisure, food and drink, tourist accommodation and facilities, and non-food retail development.

The proposal should be accompanied by a retail impact study to assess the likely effects on the vitality and viability of Whaley Bridge town centre and other central area town centres.

Development is also subject to provision of flood mitigation measures in consultation with the Environment Agency.

Within any development, land will be reserved to allow for the construction of an access road and new bridge over the River Goyt to the Bingswood Industrial Estate and adjoining land.

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