Campaign cheered by Town Council view on houses

Campaigners against house building on the greenfield site at Macclesfield Road/Linglongs Road have been encouraged by the response of Whaley Bridge Town Council to builders Gladman Development.  The town clerk wrote that they only wished to make a short statement at this time:  “Whaley Bridge Town Council  is strongly opposed to the proposal to develop land off Linglongs Road,  due to the adverse impact on the landscape.” 

Cllr Martin Thomas, Chair of the Town Council made the following comment: “The Town Council voted unanimously (*) to oppose the development of this particular site (C9). Our reasoned objections are under preparation and will be forwarded to High Peak Borough Council shortly. They include the principal points noted at the Public Meeting, and in written submissions. We also commented on many other points in the local plan, all of which will be made public in due course.”.

Furthermore, as instructed at  last week’s Town Council meeting, the Town Clerk wrote today (3rd February 14) to the Local Education Authority, Derbyshire County Council, as follows:

“Our local primary schools are reporting that they are full and would have no capacity to support an influx of pupils generated by development in Whaley Bridge encouraged by the Local Plan.”

“The LEA is reporting to HPBC that school places would be sufficient to cope with proposed development in Whaley Bridge.  This does not seem to be the case and there is obviously a discrepancy or inconsistency with information being reported.”

“Whaley Bridge Town Council asks that the situation is investigated, the figures reviewed and meaningful discussions take place with the Headteachers of our local primary schools and representatives from HPBC to reflect the current situation and form a valid and correct prediction of the educational needs for the children of Whaley Bridge.”

Whaley Bridge Matters, the new residents’ group, said:  “This is postitive news.  We are using the remaining days before the 10 February deadline on the Borough Council Local Plan (including building sites) to urge people to email their concerns to or write to Regeneration, High Peak Borough Council, Town Hall, Buxton SK17 6EL.


(*) Note – a number of Councillors filed notifications of conflict of interests, and so did not participate in the meeting. Councillor Lomax gave his apologies.

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