Timetable of Gladman’s Public Consultation

We were alerted today that members of the public wishing to respond to Gladman Development’s consultation should do so latest by Friday 24th January 2014:


By way of precision, Gladman’s issued this statement to the Town Council via the Town Clerk: “Please take this email as an assurance that  all your formal comments following the public meeting on January 28th will be considered.  The five week public consultation period will finish on Friday this week.”

Chair of Whaley Bridge Town Council, Cllr Martin Thomas, issued the following statement: “Gladman Developments have confirmed that they are intent on submitting an Outline Planning Application for the Linglongs Road/Macclesfield Road site. Therefore, I would encourage those who are likely to be affected by this possible development to submit their comments to Gladman’s (see link above) and to High Peak Borough Council (see below), and also to identify the mitigating steps they would like the eventual developer to take to minimise traffic disruption, damage to habitats, the landscape etc.

“A line of mature trees runs through this site and it would be a tragedy if this was lost.”

This site also has reappeared in the High Peak Local Plan:

People have until Monday 10 February to respond online via the link here, by email to LDF@highpeak.gov.uk or in writing to Regeneration, High Peak Borough Council, Town Hall, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6EL. After this current consultation, the council will produce its final draft of the Local Plan. There will be consultation on the final draft.



One Reply to “Timetable of Gladman’s Public Consultation”

  1. David Hartley

    Dear High Peak Borough council.(planning off linglongs Taxal)
    Well am sickened to the core of this planning application even to take place.I have seen a lot of change in Whaley Bridge over the last 55 years of my life,
    I cannot believe we are going to have even more house in our area,do the planner’s understand how our community have suffered,Our once lovely village is already ruined,
    and this is only going to add to the virus,,,(town people).

    The main problem we all face is the traffic and congestion,Macclesfield road now is getting a night mare now (were I life)and there is no consideration to the occupiers
    on who live on this road,and else where in Whaley Bridge…I could go on and on…It is all down to money at the end of it. I would probably do it myself if I was A SLACK.the slacks have already made a fortune out of selling land off for houses,they are nicely tucked away at Overton farm……..
    I am so upset,,I have loved living around here since a small boy and having a good community and neighbours. This feels like torture to me,(and I really mean it)Sad smile

    Regards. Crying face

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