Space-age lanterns boost Whaley fireworks night

Rockets are ready! Lor Cole of the fireworks group

Rockets are ready! Lor Cole of the fireworks group

CHILDREN in the Whaley Bridge area are being given a space-age challenge by the group organising the town’s community fireworks display on Saturday 2 November:  use your imagination to make a lantern with a space theme, then join the procession before the rockets  and other fireworks light up the sky at the Bowling Club.

Some children will be making their lanterns at three primary schools, Whaley Bridge, Taxal and Fernilee and Buxworth.  Many more are being asked to come along to workshops in the Mechanics’ Institute during the half term break.

Last year, children made 430 lanterns when the new group introduced a lantern procession to Whaley Bridge for the first time.  One of the organisers, Keith Hufton said:  “This year we are hoping for even more lanterns. The space theme should give the children plenty of good ideas – spaceships, stars, rockets.  We have experts helping in the schools and at the half term workshops.”

The workshops at the Mechanics are on Saturday 26 October, 12.30pm -6pm and Wednesday 30 October 12.30pm to 6pm.  Drop in or pre-book at  On Saturday 2 November, the lantern procession leaves Taxal and Fernilee School and winds its way through Memorial Park to the Bowling Club for the 7.30pm start of the fireworks display.

Lor Cole, chair of the group, said:  “We were thrilled with the success of our first fireworks night last year.  If people want to help as volunteers, and make this year another success, phone 07775 551 952 or email


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