‘Our’ film The List gets big premiere welcome

Whaley Bridge gave a big welcome to ‘our’ film, The List, at its premiere in the Mechanics’ Institute on Thursday (26 Sept).  Well over 100 people crowded the hall to see the thriller, produced by local resident Mike Knowles, and filmed with some local extras in and around Whaley Bridge.

They enjoyed a ‘starter’ of  a short film, Snodgrass, also by Mike Knowles.  Then, reinforced by drinks and home-made cakes, the audience settled down to the main feature.  The List lived up to local expectations, filmed in dark, Danish style, and telling a violent story with twist after twist.  If you didn’t see the premiere show, watch out for the The List and its ultimate twist.  Major surprise.

The local scenery looked either suitably beautiful in the calmer moments of the story or menacing in the film’s darker times.  And there are plenty of the latter!

The List stars some faces well-known from TV – Bill Paterson, Nigel Planer – and two less known leading actors, Anthony Flanagan and Sienna Guillory, whom we are going to see a lot more of.

The local faces flitted in and out, including David Lomax, local councillor and acting cameraman in the film’s crowd scenes.

WhaleyBridge.com congratulates Mick Knowles on a very thrilling movie and sees much more where this came from.

The showing was organised by the Whaley Bridge Film Group, in association with High Peak Films.  Contacts:  whaleyfilms@hotmail.co.uk  (07531 982 995) or www.highpeakfilm.org.uk

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