New Jodrell link – and new flag – for centenary Scouts

Whaley Bridge people applauded a Manchester inner city Scout troop, which has been camping in the area every summer since 1919, as they marched from church after a service celebrating their centenary.

The newly blessed flag, right, ready to lead the Scouts’ march

The 161st Manchester Scouts have been known as Jodrell’s Own after a chance meeting with local landowner Lt Col Ramsden Jodrell  just after World War I.  They were camping at Roos Dych, near the cricket ground.  The colonel offered them a better site, near the River Goyt, below the Jodrell family mansion, Taxal Lodge.

Michael Jodrell, president of Scout troop, sees names of his ancestors on memorial plaque in St James’

Colonel Ramsden-Jodrell’s grandson, Michael Jodrell, now living in Dorset – the family land has all gone, but the name lives on with memorial plaques in St James’s Church – has been president of the 161st Manchester for many years, after being a proud former Wolf Cub, enrolled in 1945.

Now 80, he gave up the presidency at the 2013 Scout camp party, where local people were entertained by Scout activities and camp food.  But his son Henry has taken over as president, keeping the family link for another generation.  He chatted to leaders and members of Jodrell’s Own at the service.

Henry Jodrell, the new president, gets to know members of the 161st Manchester Scouts

In St James’s, Michael Jodrell showed three of his grandchildren the memorial stone in the chancel floor recording their ancestors, one an archer at the Battle of Crecy in 1346, another who served at Agincourt.

Memento for centenary is presented to the Rev Margaret Jones, seen with Michael Jodrell, his granddaughter and Darran Doran, the scout leader

The Rev Margaret Jones, vicar of Whaley Bridge, blessed a new flag for the161st Manchester troop.  It was unfurled during the march from the church to their campsite.  She told the congregation she had taught near where the 161st comes from:  “Quite a lot of my heart is in Manchester.”

Whaley Bridge Town Council Chair Martin Thomas, with Scout leaders

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