Family fun in the sun is Rose Queen finale

Whaley Bridge’s Rose Queen Festival ended in a blaze of sunshine, with a new event, the Family Fun Sports Day.  Organised by Village Games Derbyshire and competing with the Andy Murray Wimbledon final, it still brought in a good crowd at the football ground.

Mums enjoyed hockey dribbling while the children took to running, jumping and hopping.  Picnic parties included Pimms  (it was Wimbledon, after all!)

Rose Queen Festival secretary Tim Mourne said: “We were pleased with the turnout, and over 100 children took part. So we will definitely have this event again next year. It could become a stand alone event in future years as a highlight of the school holidays.”

Other festival events after the Carnival parade day included a well supported pet show and, for the first time, a walking treasure hunt, with 24 teams.

  • For the first time, Whaley Bridge’s month of summer events  – the Water Weekend, the Rose Queen Festival and the Welldresssing – have all taken place in sunshine.  Tim Mourne said: “It’s been brilliant.  The people of Whaley Bridge are lucky to have this great variety of culture and fun.”

RESULTS from two earlier events, part of the festival: 

Pet Show

Best In show: Joanne Kennet (Bella).

Class winners: Sophia Kennek (Bella); Chris Wilman (Figaro); Kevin Scott (Harvey); Charlie & Lottie Blocel (Nell); Dawn Arnold (Maeteyer); Bryn Barker (Spike & Cream); Joshua Byatte (Carmel, Co-Co & Inky);   Eve Hill (Clucka – Silkie Chicken) & Liam Marchington (Thomas – Plymouth Rock Cockrell); Alex & Ben Brown with their “stick” insects: Carys Walker (Poppy & Crazy); Cameron Robinson (Scooby); Lisa Guest (Pepsi – 23 years old); Annie Platt (Bert); Georgia Hart; Erica Smith;  Amelia & Harriet Carden-Howe.

Treasure Hunt

1. Chris & Joanne Bormond;

2. Gia & Carys Thater & Lauren (aka Team Taxal);

3. Amelia & Harriet Carden-Howe.

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