Dog & Partridge to become semi-detached homes

A piece of Bridgemont history is disappearing.  The Dog and Partridge pub has been a focal point of the mini village of Bridgemont on the outskirts of Whaley Bridge, since 1842.  Now it is closed and being converted into two semi-detached houses.  Two cottages, alongside the former pub, are also being converted into one dwelling.

Gary Pullen, a builder from New Mills, is using the old, Peak District stone work for the conversions. The stone, lighter than the local variety, is believed to be from the Matlock area.  Gary has had to buy extra compatible stone to complete the conversions.

The first semi is expected to be completed and ready for sale in July.  The second is expected to follow in September.

The road through Bridgemont was originally the old A6, the main route to Manchester and beyond.

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