Local group helping families in Holy Land

A  Whaley Bridge group, Friends of the Holy Land, is organising a fair  at Sacred Heart Church on Whaley Lane on Saturday 1 June, starting at 10am. The aim is to raise funds and awareness to help Christians living in Palestine.

The Rev Mike Denny of Sacred Heart in the Holy Land

The Rev Mike Denny from Sacred Heart said: “Palestinian Christian families are struggling in many ways to cope with life and all that is going on in their homeland.  They struggle with the basic necessities of life and to find the money to furnish their homes and educate their children.”

The Rev Mike, who is a deacon at Sacred Heart, along with Father Martin Riley, priest at the church and parishioners, saw life in Palestine on a visit to the Holy Land.  The local group of Friends was set up with the support of other churches.  It is part of a national organisation.

More information from the Rev Mike Denny on 01663 735 492

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