The Whaley Half Dozen – all community heroes

Community winners: Front row: Frances Footitt, Loraine Coverley, & Joyce Shacklock; Centre: Cllr Anne Winter, Chair; and Back Row: David Easton representing George Tomlinson, Brian Jackson, & Tony Mackey

George Tomlinson was unable to attend, but here is George with wife Muriel

Whaley Bridge Town Council’s annual Community Awards were overwhelmed with nominations this year.  The judges found it impossible to separate the six separate nominations from the public. So, everyone’s a winner!

As council chair Anne Winter said at the presentation of framed certificates, in the Mechanics’ Institute:  “These are exceptional circumstances.  All the nominations are equal. All are worthy.”

The winners were:

Joyce Shacklock , founder with her husband John of  Daniel’s Light, the charity in memory of their only child Daniel, which has raised thousands to fight leukaemia

Loraine Coverley for work in the community – she is a member of the Rose Queen Festival committee, and helps with the annual Garden Show, the Twining Association and the Saturday coffee mornings

Brian Jackson, chair of Whaley Bridge Volunteer Bureau.  At the presentation, he laughed and said:  “This is the first award I’ve had since giving up cricket!”

Frances Footitt, for her work as chair of Furness Vale Community Association and as secretary of St John’s Church.

Tony Mackey, president of the Rose Queen Festival, and a tireless worker with it for many years.

George Tomlinson, 88, from Furness Vale for work in the community. Years ago group leader of the Sea Scouts (he was a wartime sailor) and after 19 years has just retired as chair of the local History Society, which he founded.

See  slideshow of the awards presentations below

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