Whaley Garden Show well supported again

John Broom, one of the flower judges

Whaley Bridge’s annual flower and produce show, held in the Bowling Club, was a success.  Attendance was almost identical with last year, and although entries in the flower section were down because of the wet summer, quality remained good.

Cedric Heathcote and king size leek

Liz Sweetmore and Gina Slater with rose entries

Geoff Longden and well grown onions

Results in full:

Dobson Cup                           Cedge Heathcote

Bensall Cup                            Mrs J Torrington

GardenNews Shield               Keith Sweetmore

Campbell Cup                        Mrs J Torrington

Council Cup                           Mrs J Torrington

Joseph Ford Cup                   Katie Barr

WB Manufacturing Cup          Dot Blamey & Janet Stores

Coulson Cup                          K Longden

Mrs A Lee Cup                        Margaret Cottrell

William Boston Cup                C Heathcote

Chairman’s Cup                   G Shirt

Sullivan Plate                       Niamh Orritt

Stampiton Cup                     Robert Shirt

Gerald Slater Shield              Nick Vernon

Les Derrick Plate                 C Heathcote

Rose Queen Cup                  A Needham

Rhoda Griffin Bowl              Peter Hague

For information about Whaley Bridge Show and Garden Society contact Keith Sweetmore on Tel. 01663 732 709

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