Is this a good omen from welldressing?

Sport in flower petals: A gymnast and a cyclist on Whaley welldressing

Is this a good omen from Whaley Bridge’s welldressing, on view this week at Tom Brad’s Croft near the canal basin? Clearly seen at the top left of the main board is a gymnast, and below a sport associated with the High Peak, cycling.  Many Olympic stars, based in Manchester, have trained round our hills and winding roads.

The blessing of the main welldressing and those of The Good News and Sunshine Nurseries took place on Sunday (1 July). Father Martin Riley from The Sacred Heart Church conducted the service and Whaley Bridge Brass Band accompanied the hymns. Whaley Bridge School choir sang and the Rose Queen and her retinue were in attendance. This year’s theme is The London 2012 Olympics. Other welldressings can be seen at the Uniting Church and Whaley Bridge and Taxal and Fernilee Primary schools.

The full welldressing: sporting images from events at London 2012

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