Smile in the rain (It’s good for the Roses!)

Keep smiling and carry on! It's only a bit of rain

Smiling in the rain: It’s been a summer where people have had plenty of practice.  At first, Whaley Bridge’s 36th Rose Queen Festival seemed to have escaped the 2012 summer curse.

WB Band leads parade start. The sun creates shadows in Canal Street

As the procession began, led by Whaley Bridge Brass Band, the sun still shone, with shadows on Canal Street.  By the time they were onto Market Street, the showers began and didn’t really end until the parade was over. The wind was strong enough to blow a visiting queen’s umbrella inside out. The band and walking parties returned soaked from the parade, the runners in the Whaley Waltz fell race even more soaked, but the spirit of Whaley Bridge could not be extinguished. Two hours after the parade began, the sun was out again.  There’s always another year!

Before the rain: sunny smile from new queen Annabel Grace Wilde

Ice cream before the deluge: Whaley Primary School children

Olympic theme from Taxal and Fernilee Primary School

Put on a happy face: a dad from Taxal and Fernilee

1st Taxal Scouts in a riot of Jubilee celebration images

Ben Brown, 4, won under-7s fancy dress. He made the hat himself

Churches Together with their Dem Bones entry

Buxworth Primary School's take on London 2012

Kings of tarts: Shepherd's Arms regulars play the card trick

Town council chair Ann Winter with Rose Queen president Tony Mackey

The Rose Queen Festival this week includes:

Sunday 1 July –            

Royalty at Holy Trinity Church, 10.30am

Well-dressing blessing, Canal Basin, 2.30pm

WB Brass Band concert, Bowling Club, 3.30pm

Monday 2 July           

Chapel Morris dancers, Bowling Club, 8pm

Wed 4 July                       

Annual pet show, Bowling Club from 6.30pm

Whaley Waltz result:

Whaley Waltz won by Simon Bailey, Macclesfield; second, Lloyd Taggart, Isle of Man

Winner                 Simon Bailey, Macclesfield

Runner up           Lloyd Taggart, Isle of Man. (Taggart, despite the TV cop show, is a Manx, not a Scots name)

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