Join Whaley’s Wave of Prayer for Syria

A suggestion for a Wave of Prayer for Syria from one of the fellowship groups in the parish of Whaley Bridge, following  the recent atrocity which killed many young children, has widened to include all the churches in the town. 

 Now these church members would like to widen the Wave of Prayer even further, to include people who may not go to church and  other areas of the High Peak.  People who feel distressed but powerless to help the ordinary Syrian families are invited to join the Wave of Prayer. 

 Whatever you are doing at 9am on  Monday 4 June,  as Britain enjoys  the freedom to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee, the group asks you to stop for a few minutes.  Say a prayer for Syria, for people of all age groups, grandparents to little children, who are being killed and wounded by their own government. 

 The group adds:  “Pray for peace and the peacemakers, for those who are grieving for relatives, especially the little children.  Thoughts and prayers CAN change lives.  With your help, maybe something positive can emerge from these terrible times for the people of Syria.”

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