SOS: Save Whaley Bridge’s firework display

THE race is on to get a team of  ‘angels’ to save Whaley Bridge’s annual bonfire and fireworks display in Memorial Park from ending up as a damp squib and disappointing hundreds of children.

An SOS message has been sent out in the town council’s community newsletter: “No fireworks display – unthinkable.  Sadly there may not be a bonfire or fireworks in the Memorial Park this year.  Members of the Goyt Valley Round Table have done a fantastic job for over 25 years, but can no longer undertake the task, due to lack of members and volunteers.  The town council can help out with a sizeable contribution towards the costs. But we are looking for a local person or organisation to take over.”

Get in touch with town clerk Stephanie Raybould at 01663 733 068 or

  •    Last year, controversially, there was no bonfire.  This was because the committee had to make space for a children’s firework display – and a shortage of helpers.

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