Decision time for Whaley Mission Family

Whaley Bridge’s mission family, Jason and Tracy Day and their two little daughters Ruby and  Libby are spending a happy, six month break here after more than three years in Nepal. They work for the Church Mission Society (CMS) and have been seconded to work for United Mission to Nepal.

Happy family: Tracy and Jason Day, with daughters Ruby, 6 and Libby, 4

Members of Churches Together in Whaley Bridge, who pray for and financially support Jason and Tracy, heard a fascinating talk about their life and work in one of the world’s poorest countries.  Tracy, a former nurse at Stepping Hill hospital, works at Tansen Nursing School, which is linked to Tansen Mission Hospital where Jason works as the expatriate personnel officer.

They are due to return in January, which gives Tracy and Jason a difficult decision; with daughters Ruby and Libby now six and four, child education becomes a big issue. 

They can either go back to working at the mission hospital in Nepal, where the children attend a little school for expat children, or take another mission post which Jason has been offered in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Jason, originally from Marple, used to work in the old Nat West bank in Whaley Bridge and never dreamed at that time where God would take him.

 But while mum and dad ponder their decision, Ruby and Libby are enjoying family life in their own home in Whaley Bridge. There’s the excitement of seeing family frequently – and for Ruby, a taste of English school life at Taxal and Fernilee primary.

Tracy and Jason caught up with  Marion Lacey, one of  the churchwardens in the parish of Whaley Bridge. Back in the early 90s Marion was a ward sister at Stepping Hill hospital and supervised Tracy when she was a student nurse.

Tracey with Marion Lacey, her former sister at Stepping Hill

Whaley’s Churches Together is one of 15 churches supporting Jason and Tracy in Nepal, and for the whole family this has meant a lot when they are so far away from home.

Information about CMS is available on Their HQ is on 01865 787 400.