Progress report on Shallcross ‘Greenway’

Work is coming on well on the  ‘greenway trail’ on  Shallcross incline in Whaley Bridge.  The site of the pioneering industrial rail service  the Cromord and High Peak Railway s expected to be opened in its new form  in November,  giving off-road access to walkers,  horse riders and cyclists (but not motor cyclists).

Looking uphill - the hard surface path under autumn trees

Local children have already been eyeing up the greenway, imagining it as a sledging trail – a sort of ‘Cresta Run’.

The greenway is nearly 600 yards long, running from  Shallcross Mill Road, near the local Scout hut, on an uphill, tree-lined route to Shallcross Road. 

The work, being done by Derbyshire county council staff and contracters, has  followed a long period of planning, appeal and consultation processes.  The greenway now has a hard surface path, just less than three yards wide, with banked up soil and a variety of natural plant growth each side.   An arbour of trees covers most of its length.