Drop in at the 24 hour marathon Bible reading

MEMBERS of the parish of Whaley Bridge are taking part in a unique, 24 hour Bible reading in St James’ church, Taxal, on Monday 25 July.  All the passages read will be from the King James version of the Bible, celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2011. Many people consider this edition of the Bible contains some of the most beautiful words in the English language.

Walkers who often pass the church are being invited to drop in for a up of tea and to listen to part of the marathon reading  before moving on to the Goyt Valley.  Local people are asked to drop by – diring the night if they can’t sleep, or at any time during the day.

The marathon begins at one minute after midnight on Sunday 24 July and continues throughout Monday 25 July, finishing at midnight.

Organisers May Lacy,  a member of the parochial church council and organist Anne Winter, will work the midnight to 8am shift, making sure a constant supply of tea, coffee, water, biscuits and toast keeps  the team of readers and listeners awake.

The original St James’ church would have been already 400 years old when the first copies of the King James Bible were distributed from 1611 onwards.

Vicar the Rev Cheri Pinner said:  “The marathon  begins at the beginning and the culmination is what we hope for.  It’s the story of our faith.”

Churchwarden Marion Lacey, a former sister at Stepping Hill hospital, Stockport,  who has worked many night shifts in more than 30 years of nursing service, has some advice for readers in the small hours:  “Try to rest in the previous afternoon.  4am is the worst time on night duty, the lowest point. We used to survive on constant coffee.  You get dehydrated at night, so have a bottle of water as well.  And wear warm clothing – churches get cold, even on summer nights.”

Curate John Pinner with 106-year-old copy of King James Bible, as his wife Cheri looks on. Also in the picture: Anne Winter, centre, and May Lacy.