Whaley Bridge Well Dressing – Childrens Activity Day

The 12th Whaley Bridge Well Dressing begins today(18th June 10am -4pm) with a childrens day, where youngsters can learn the art of welldressing and take home a mini well dressing that they create themselves. It being held indoors in the marquee in the canal basin, so its a perfect activity whether raining or not.

With a wooden tray holding the clay, youngsters prick a series of holes around the edge of a pattern, or make a pattern themselves. They then press in petals, coloured stones and other natural objects to build the body of the picture. From Porsches to birds to flowers the variety of patterns can be endless.

A rightly proud youngster shows off her welldressing in the marquee.

Bringing new creations into life, young well dressers enjoy the activity day in the marquee in Whaley Bridge Canal basin

A really intricate flower design comes to life.

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