Bogus officials/distraction burglaries

This message is to raise awareness around bogus officials and distraction type burglaries, following a number of incidents in the Chesterfield area over recent weeks and a suspicious incident in Glossop today, where a man turned up at a house saying he is from the council and had come to do some gardening for a charge of £250. This man was not sent from the council – he was wearing an orange hi-vis jacket and in a pick up truck. No further details taken.

A variety of methods are used by bogus officials. They claim to be from the council, utility companies, using the term ‘water board’ (there’s no such thing) or even posing as police officers, to distract elderly and vulnerable residents in their homes.

Crime prevention advice:

• Put the chain on before opening the door or talk to the caller through the door.
• Ask them to put their identification card through the letterbox. Remember IDs may be false, so you should ring the company they are claiming to be from by using the telephone directory to contact the company to confirm their identity.
• A genuine caller will not mind you checking their identification and most will be happy to make an appointment to return at a later date or time when you can have someone else with you.
• If you feel threatened dial 999 and ask for the police.

Please remind your elderly/vulnerable neighbours about bogus callers. They can report any suspicious persons to the police on 0345 123 33 33.