Concerns over cold callers

Police have received several reports from residents in the Ashbourne area concerned about various security companies contacting them by phone, trying to sell home security products, alarms, often saying they are working with the police or their systems are approved by the police. They appear to be targeting older residents and arrange appointments to visit their home. Once inside your home, some sales representatives use high pressure sales techniques to sell their products. Incident number: 301 of 14.1.11

An 87 year old resident in Glossop has reported that a man knocked at the door offering to sell a bed worth over £6000 for almost £3000. He used high pressure sales techniques to try to sell the bed but fortunately a relative contacted the police in time. This man didn’t leave his contact details, only a scrap of paper with a price on it. The main concern is that he may have been a bogus caller trying to gain access to the house. Incident number: 550 of 11.1.11

We would advise people to avoid buying from cold callers, to make sure you get more than one quote from different reputable companies in the area and to decide on the purchase without feeling pressured.

Please look out for your elderly/vulnerable neighbours and relatives. If you have any concerns about cold callers don’t let them in your home – call Derbyshire police anytime on 0345 123 33 33.