Frozen cars and frozen water reminder

Defrosting your vehicle

As the winter months take hold, we are reminding people not to leave your vehicles unattended with the engine running, giving the opportunist thief easy access to steal your vehicle.

Drivers are advised to stay with their vehicles while they defrost.

It isn’t a common crime, but┬áit does happen, so it is worth taking those few minutes to avoid becoming a victim.

Frozen water safety

We recommend the following advice and ask that you inform others, especially those with children.

Around Derbyshire at this time, there are several locations where there is frozen water. Please do not walk on or allow your children to play in these areas. No matter how thick the ice looks, ICE IS NEVER SAFE. It can easily break and the water underneath is very cold and could be deep.

Even at other times water is never safe, please help others to understand the dangers of water.

If you require further information please contact Derbyshire Police on 0345 123 33 33.