Please be aware of a man telephoning businesses in the area purporting to be from Derbyshire police, saying he is working with local community groups and businesses to help reduce drug crime and general unsociable behaviour. He says that he is planning to send out a publication and asks businesses to sponsor this and in return the company name would appear in the booklet. Derbyshire police do not contact businesses asking for money to advertise in publications.

 Further calls have been received from companies saying they are linked to the police offering security systems for sale for £1. The caller asked questions such as name, age, property owner, etc. from a withheld number and was rude when their offer was declined. No company name mentioned nor was there a contact number. The BBC Watchdog website contains interesting ‘reports’ similar to those reported to Derbyshire police recently. Our crime reduction officers can offer crime prevention advice if required.

 Don’t be taken in by these companies who use high pressure selling techniques to get their business. These companies are not in any way linked to Derbyshire Police.

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