Whaley Bridge welcomes Rev Cheri from New Zealand

Whaley Bridge welcomes Rev Cheri from New Zealand

THE people of Whaley Bridge welcomed their new American born ‘vicar’, the Rev Cheri Pinner, as she was licensed to be priest in charge of the parish by Bishop Peter Foster of Chester

Cheri and her husband John, who is also ordained and will act as her curate, were applauded by a packed Holy Trinity Church. The parish also includes the ancient St James’s Church at Taxal.

Cheri and John, who originally met in Kenya – ‘a blessed British American alliance’ – have lived in New Zealand for 29 years.  Cheri is still a US citizen and getting her work permit delayed arriving in Whaley Bridge by nearly three months.

Bishop Peter, making a rare visit to the tiny High Peak part of the Chester diocese, had the congregation laughing when he said Cheri and John had ‘just popped across from New Zealand’.  He added:  “I hope you have a wonderful time in Whaley Bridge.”

High Peak Mayor Peter Kay and representatives of local churches, the council and schools welcomed Cheri and John.  Peter Kay said: “You’ll find the High Peak is a very pleasant place to live.”

Picture captions


Church party

  • Smiling Cheri with the Bishop, High Peak mayoress, John Pinner, the Rural Dean Peter Jenner and High Peak Mayor Peter Kay


Churchwardens , bishop


  • The Bishop with Whaley Bridge’s two female churchwardens – Maureen Roberts (Holy Trinity) and Pam Boon (St James’s)

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