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 At the inaugral meeting of  Whaley4Wards, a number of initial project ideas were noted during discussions. The list below just gives a flavour of the sort of initial project ideas which surfaced. It does not reflect what a final list might include, following proper analysis. Some are clearly longer term projects and some have other implications which require much more discussion.

  • Improved access for disabled or elderly
  • Conversion of public toilets into single larger pay-per-use facility with disabled facilities.
  • Town Wide litter pick and general clean-up
  • Sign cleaning.
  • WB website improvement.
  • Parking improvements – new spaces, limited waiting….
  • Town Centre free internet access.
  • Sponsored plant tubs/hanging baskets.
  • Colour study to provide local reference source for shop fronts in conservation area.
  • Tourist signage improvements.
  • Bridgemont roundabout landscaping
  • Canal St/Market St junction improvements
  • Pavement improvements
  • New Road surface improvement/resurfacing
  • Coronation Rowan pruning, replanting.
  • Street tree planting.

Suggestions for projects are not just limited to those within the group. If you have ideas for projects please send them in to the secretary at martinlthomas@aol.com  and they will be discussed.


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