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Whaley4Wards has completed a number of projects since the group was started:

A list of these follows:

Projects 2015/16 Cost State
Cheshire Life Shopfront works £495 Completed
WB Carnival bunting £200 Completed
Village entry sign sub panels for carnival £100 Completed
Welcome to WB banner £100.73 Completed
Phone box handle kit £37.63 Completed
Joyco Shopfront works £900 ongoing
Chronicle Accounting Shopfront works £600 ongoing
Macc Rd village entry sign,fitting and pp £1759 ongoing
stone flags below interpretation panel on linear pathway  £20  ongoing
Bench repairs & painting £500 ongoing
Car park Study £500 ongoing
Furness Vale,Bridgemont Notice board repair,fitting etc £600 ongoing
Defibrillator fitting £200 ongoing


Projects 2014/15 Cost State
3 SS litter bin inserts and fitting £413 Completed
Shallcross incline interp panel installation £100 Completed
Artwork framing £58.20 Completed
Shallcross trail flyers £50 Completed
Hire of hall for WW1 exhibition £160 Completed
Interpretation panel on incline behind Cock Inn,panel,artwork and installation £1263 Completed
CTooddbrook Reservoir Interpretation panel,repairs,artwork,fitting £897 Completed
Town entry signs, 4 of, artwork,manufacture, fitting, planning permision £6523 Completed
Furness Vale Post Office startup support and works  £1200  Completed
WW1 exhibition display boards £222 Completed
Christmas lights for Whaley Bridge £645 Completed
Christmas trees for shops and additional xmas lights £2163 Completed
Treework in Canal Basin £780 Completed
Benches for Canal Basin £1520 Completed
Stone Chippings for linear pathway £50 Completed
5 planter tubs for Town Centre £452 Completed
Shopfront scheme Babka £900 Completed
Shopfront scheme Greengrocer £900 Completed
Shopfront scheme Venus Accounting £550 Completed