Launch of Vision4whaley website and FAB event

Vision4whaley, the name of the Whaley Bridge Neighbourhood Plan Group, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website which can be found at

The neighbourhood plan group is seeking to develop a set of specific policies which apply to the Whaley Bridge Parish through a process of public engagement and working groups of local residents.

The aim of these policies will be to ensure that future development is shaped to take account with the priorities and needs of the residents. Such policies will further develop the policies set out in the High Peak Local Plan, with a local perspective.

The process will be largely funded by central government through the Locality programme, with additional support from the Town Council (the lead organisation).

The plan will be subject to technical inspection and subject to public referendum, probably in 2021.

In order to find out more, please come and say hello at the Food at the Basin event this Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00, at Whaley Bridge Canal Basin in the Transhipment Warehouse.


Come share ideas and join in planning Whaley Carnival 2019

Whaley Bridge Carnival is holding a community consultation meeting at 7pm on Monday 11th February in the back room of Whaley Bridge Bowling Club. All are welcome. Complimentary wine kindly provided by the Bowling Club.

Whaley Bridge Carnival is planned to be held on Saturday 29th June, however a number of officers of the organising committee are stepping down for personal reasons.

The purpose of our community consultation meeting is to seek fresh ideas and volunteers to assist in planning this year’s event.

Above all we need fresh ideas about how to get groups and individuals to participate in the parade and / or on the carnival field at the Bowling Club.

Please come and join us, have a chat and give us your ideas.

Photos courtesy of Peter Cull