Over a Dozen Respond to the Bat Signal

Whaley Bridge Canal Group held it’s second bat survey on Wednesday night.  Glyn Stewart, one of the Canal and River Trust’s senior ecologists said after the event, “What a successful evening! Thanks to everyone for helping with the different aspects.  In particular, I was really impressed with the quality of volunteers we had lasWBCG sealt night, they were really passionate about the survey and quick to learn.”


As Nev Clarke, leading the group and the surveys, has already said, “ It is vitally important that we carry out this study.  As well as being of great interest it will be instrumental in any and all works and alterations to the building; For one we don’t want to disturb the habitat of the creatures who have made it their home but any planning application will be subject to a complete bat survey being undertaken, whether it comes to something as essential as repairing the roof or fitting new windows.”

The next dates are:

Mon 18th July – 21.10pm  start time

Tues 9th August – 5.20am start time (pre-dawn survey – best chance of seeing bats enter or leave the building)

Mon 12 Sept – either a 19.15pm emergence survey or a 06.20am pre-dawn survey (to be decided nearer the time)
Anyone wanting to get involved should contact Nev on 07920 253075 or at clarkenev@gmail.com.  The group also have their canal clean up this Sunday and indeed the first Sunday of every month from 12 noon till 3pm.  New volunteers are always welcome and you’ll get a drink and probably chocolate from the experience.


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