ShopFront Grant Scheme goes Live !

Whaley4Wards, the regeneration subcommittee of Whaley Bridge Town Council, have created a trial scheme to help shop owners, tenants and landlords in the conservation area of Whaley Bridge to access a small grant which is available for anyone who would like to improve the external appearance of their premises.

All applications for funding must be received by 31st January 2015, although applications may be considered after that date if funds allow. All works funded must be completed by 31 March 2015.

The commercial centre of Whaley Bridge lies within a conservation area. Within this area, the appearance of shop fronts and the pavement area in front of them, has a considerable impact and influence on the character of the town. They are an essential element of the wider streetscape. A shop front designed with respect given to the architecture of the building and character of the surrounding area can add charm and vitality, making it attractive to shoppers and visitors alike.

For a high definition map of the Conservation area , see link below.


The shop front facelift scheme aims to improve shop fronts, building facades and the private pavement areas in front of these shops in the centre of Whaley Bridge, as a means of supporting the growth of local businesses, improving the local environment and raising the image of the town centre amongst locals and visitors.Please note that only specific areas in the heart of the village in the conservation area are covered by the W4W grants. Details are provided in the Guidance notes.

The facelift scheme is intended to support smaller projects. For larger projects, interested parties should also consider HPBC’s Heritage Regeneration grants which target shopfront improvements in town and village centres and for which funding is available up to £10000. Contact Joanne Brooks at HPBC on 03451297777 for details on this scheme.

The scheme is administered by Whaley4Wards with the support of Whaley Bridge Town Council and the regeneration and economic development group within High Peak Borough Council.

Funding for the scheme is being provided in equal part by Whaley Bridge Town Council and High Peak Borough Council.

Applications will be decided on by a subpanel of the Whaley4Wards group.

In the trial scheme, which will run to 31 March 2015, grants will be awarded up to a maximum of £1,000, which must be match-funded by the applicant. The trial grant fund holds £2,000, and once this sum is exhausted the scheme will close and be reviewed for possible refinancing the following year.

Guidance notes are available to help you understand the aims of the scheme, to guide you through the application process and show how you can make a grant application. You may need planning consent or advice about improvements to a building within the conservation area so may need to contact the Planning Department at HPBC prior to making an application. Please therefore read the guidance notes carefully before making your application. Guidance notes and application form are available at .

If you would like to know more about the scheme or have any queries regarding your application, please contact Cllr Jon Goldfinch by emailing:


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