Whaley Matters to attend Development Control Planning Committee

As part of their ongoing campaign against potential development on site C9 on Macclesfield Road in Whaley Bridge, members of the Whaley Bridge Matters group plan to attend the Development Control Planning Committee meeting at Chapel Town Hall on Monday 17th Feb, which is open to members of the public.

Meeting at Chapel 17 02 14


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One Reply to “Whaley Matters to attend Development Control Planning Committee”

  1. Mrs D. Wood

    I wish to protest most strongly to the development off Macclesfield Road Whaley Bridge,known as C9.
    1. Last year this site was nominated but withdrawn as unsuitable
    so why is it back on the agenda? Could it be because a
    developer has shown interest in the site?.

    2. The infrastructure is just not there. Primary schools full,the
    local high schools are the same,doctors and dentists surgerys
    are under pressure and the roads just won’t cope with all the
    extra traffic.

    3. These fields are within the scope of the National Park. They
    can be seen from various view points within the national park.
    We do not want to see a housing estate right in the middle of
    Mid shires Way when looking across from sites of nationl
    beauty. The fields are a wet land,they never dry out. I have
    lived in Whaley all my life and never known these fields to be
    dry. Springs run down from Taxal Moor and Linglongs and the
    water flows down to near the Botany site and the river Goyt.
    This also brings up the problem of potential flooding in the
    future. A flood plane is exactly that and building houses on
    them is just asking for trouble in severe weather conditions.

    4. The wildlife in these fields are plenty,from nesting owls to
    visiting deer, butterflies who breed in the old oak trees,the
    only place they do breed. The oak trees themselves are so old
    they should be protected even if to ensure the survival of the
    dwindling butterfly population.

    I sincerley hope all these factors and the views of other protesters will be taken into acount when deciding the future of Whaley Bridge. If this development gets the go ahead it will take away one of the main reasons people why people want to make the villiage their home.

    Your sincerley

    Diane Wood.

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